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SPLAT What is paintballMost people who haven’t experienced paintball, think that it is a group of people running through the bush shooting each other. Actually, it is a well organised series of mini-adventures, or games, spread over a full or part day, with the emphasis being on fun and safety. Players are led, step-by-step, through; stringent safety guidelines, equipment handling/operation and finally the individual game scenarios.

A typical day at THE PAINTBALL PLACE would begin with you, and possibly a group of friends or colleagues, arriving at Kulnura (see map) at approximately 8:30am.

Once at THE PAINTBALL PLACE, paperwork formalities are quickly finalised, and the adrenalin begins to pump. Tea and coffee are complimentary so grab a cup, because for the next 10-15 minutes our professional staff will take you through, firstly safety; the days order of events; and then the general paintball game rules.

Teams will then be chosen either by allocated captains or random selection, and players issued with a team distinct headgear. Our safety masks are fully adjustable so our staff will assist you in fitting your mask comfortably and securely.

By now everyone is buzzing with anticipation and eager for the real thing, so we move to the first game zone for a briefing on the paintmarker (paintgun) operation. Five minutes on and you have your paintmarker in hand and are able to take a few test shots before beginning the first game. Your assigned referee will now outline your teams objective for this game and you're on your way.

For the rest of the day you follow a pattern of two games then a coffee break, with a new field and a new scenario after every break. Our famous all-you-can-eat smorgassebord BBQ is served at approximately 12:30pm when we take a 45 minute lunch break.


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